Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC)

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I cancel or change text and email alerts?
    A: SRTMC provides the information that goes into some of those alerts, but the alerts actually come from WSDOT. To manage your notifications, visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/ and look for the Email/Text updates link in the upper right corner. From there you'll be able to cancel your subscription. You can also refine your subscription to limit the coverage areas that you receive updates for. For example, people sometimes sign up for I-90 alerts without realizing that they're going to receive notices for I-90 across the entire state. By refining your settings, you can limit the alerts to just the sections that you're interested in. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.
  2. I have the latest version of Java installed. Why can't I view the streaming video anymore?
    A: Beginning with version 7u51, Java enforces more stringent security requirements for applets. Our streaming media server is an obsolete product, and it doesn't meet these new security requirements. Since it's no longer being developed, there is no update available to fix the problem. We don't currently have an estimate for when the system will be replaced. You can work around this problem by opening the Java Control Panel, switching to the Security tab, and adding the following entries to the Exception Site List:
    For more details, visit http://www.java.com/en/download/help/jcp_security.xml.
  3. I was involved in an accident near one of the cameras. How can I get a copy of the video from that day?
    A: The SRTMC does not record the traffic cameras, so we are unable to provide any historical video.
  4. Who do I call to report a malfunctioning traffic control device? For example, I know of a stop sign that has been knocked down.
    A: Please call the TMC at (509) 343-6401 and speak to an operator. They will route the information to the appropriate agency.
  5. How do I find the closest bus stop?
    A: Bus stop and bus schedule information can be found on the Spokane Transit Authority's website at http://www.spokanetransit.com/. You can also call (509) 328-RIDE (7433) for both automated and personal assistance.
  6. How do I get my road cleared of snow?
    A: Call (509) 477-2666 for information on Spokane County roads during major snow events. Information for the Cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley can be found at the following websites: https://beta.spokanecity.org/streets/maintenance/snowremoval/ and http://www.spokanevalley.org/snow/
  7. What is the significance of the colors on the traffic map?
    A: The colors represent an average speed, compiled over a two minute period. Green is 45 MPH and over, yellow is 35 MPH to 45 MPH, red is 25 MPH to 35 MPH and black is everything below 25 MPH.
  8. How often do the snapshots update?
    A: The snapshots update approximately once per minute, but you may need to refresh the window to see the update.
  9. Why can't I see the streaming video?
    A: The streaming video from our traffic cameras uses Java technology. Your computer must have Java installed, and the Jave plug-in must be enabled in your web browser in order to run the BroadWare applet that displays the video. If prompted, you need to accept the digital certificate before the applet can run.
  10. Why does the website stop my streaming camera feed?
    A: The streaming camera feed is the most bandwidth-intensive part of the SRTMC website. Limiting the duration of the feed allows more users to view the stream.
  11. What is 511?
    A: Real-time traffic and weather information is available by simply dialing 5-1-1 from most telephones. The system builds upon the highly successful Washington State Highway hotline previously accessed through toll-free numbers. It's updated every few minutes. More information about 511 is available at the following website: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/511/
  12. Are there plans to include construction and incident information from roadways that are not state highways?
    A: SRTMC is working with all the partner agencies on processes to include events on city streets and county roads on the map. We expect this to be in place in the coming months. Please watch this site for further updates.
  13. What agencies are participating the operation and funding of the TMC?
    A: The TMC is jointly managed by the Washington Department of Transportation's Eastern Region, the City of Spokane, the City of Spokane Valley, Spokane County, Spokane Transit Authority, and the Spokane Regional Transportation Council.