Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center (SRTMC)

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I-90 / US-2 Wide Open56 mph
I-90 / Jefferson St Wide Open61 mph
2nd Ave / Monroe St No Data--
I-90 / Havana St Wide Open48 mph
I-90 / Evergreen Rd No Data--
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I-90/Appleway Blvd

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City of SpokaneTraffic
2nd Ave / Browne StNo Data--
2nd Ave / Monroe StNo Data--
2nd Ave / Stevens StNo Data--
2nd Ave / Walnut StNo Data--
3rd Ave / Lincoln StNo Data--
3rd Ave / Maple StNo Data--
3rd Ave / Washington StNo Data--
6th Ave / Stevens StNo Data--
6th Ave / Washington StNo Data--
Ash St / 5 Mile RdNo Data--
Ash St / Boone AveNo Data--
Ash St / Francis AveNo Data--
Ash St / Garland AveNo Data--
Ash St / Indiana AveNo Data--
Ash St / Maxwell AveNo Data--
Ash St / Northwest BlvdNo Data--
Ash St / Wellesley AveNo Data--
Division St / Bridgeport AveNo Data--
Division St / Buckeye AveNo Data--
Division St / Country Homes BlvdNo Data--
Division St / Cozza DrNo Data--
Division St / Francis AveNo Data--
Division St / Garland AveNo Data--
Division St / Indiana AveNo Data--
Division St / Lincoln RdNo Data--
Division St / North River DrNo Data--
Division St / Wellesley AveNo Data--
I-90 / Arthur StWide Open66 mph
I-90 / Division St #1Wide Open50 mph
I-90 / Division St #2No Data--
I-90 / Finch ArboretumWide Open61 mph
I-90 / Freya StWide Open58 mph
I-90 / Hamilton StWide Open66 mph
I-90 / Jefferson StWide Open61 mph
I-90 / US-195Wide Open66 mph
Maple St / 5 Mile RdNo Data--
Maple St / Boone AveNo Data--
Maple St / Francis AveNo Data--
Maple St / Garland AveNo Data--
Maple St / Indiana AveNo Data--
Maple St / Maxwell AveNo Data--
Maple St / Northwest BlvdNo Data--
Maple St / Wellesley AveNo Data--
Ruby St / Mission AveNo Data--
Ruby St / North Foothills DrNo Data--
Trent Ave / Hamilton StNo Data--
US-195 / 16th AveNo Data--
US-195 / Cheney Spokane RdNo Data--
US-195 / Inland Empire WayNo Data--
US-195 / Thorpe RdNo Data--
US-2 / Hawthorne RdNo Data--
US-2 / Holland AveNo Data--
City of Spokane ValleyTraffic
Appleway Blvd / Dishman Mica RdNo Data--
Appleway Blvd / Park RdNo Data--
Appleway Blvd / University RdNo Data--
I-90 / Argonne RdWide Open51 mph
I-90 / Broadway AveWide Open51 mph
I-90 / Evergreen RdNo Data--
I-90 / Fancher RdWide Open62 mph
I-90 / Flora RdNo Data--
I-90 / Havana StWide Open48 mph
I-90 / Park RdWide Open61 mph
I-90 / Pines RdWide Open64 mph
I-90 / Sprague AveWide Open52 mph
I-90 / Sullivan RdWide Open50 mph
I-90 / University RdWide Open65 mph
Spokane CountyTraffic
I-90 / Appleway AveNo Data--
I-90 / Geiger BlvdWide Open67 mph
I-90 / Harvard RdNo Data--
I-90 / Idaho RdNo Data--
I-90 / Liberty Lake RdNo Data--
I-90 / Medical Lake RdWide Open61 mph
I-90 / Starr RdNo Data--
I-90 / Thomas Mallen RdNo Data--
I-90 / US-2Wide Open56 mph
NSC-395 / Fairview RdNo Data--
NSC-395 / Farwell RdNo Data--
NSC-395 / Freya StNo Data--
NSC-395 / Gerlach RdNo Data--
NSC-395 / Lincoln RdNo Data--
NSC-395 / Market StNo Data--
NSC-395 / Parksmith DrNo Data--
NSC-395 / Perry StNo Data--
NSC-395 / Shady Slope RdNo Data--
NSC-395 / US-2No Data--
NSC-395 / Wandermere RdNo Data--
US-2 / Farwell RdNo Data--
US-2 / I-90Wide Open65 mph

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